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23:28:08, Tuesday, 25 Apr 2017






When most people think of the security sector, they immediately think of the police and armed forces. While these two institutions are indeed key actors, others also play an important role in maintaining the overall security and stability of a nation. Others still are considered part of the security architecture of a nation for their oversight and/or control responsibilities over state institutions authorized by the Constitution and the Law to use force to protect the integrity of the State and the security of its citizens. Additionally, economic, environmental and health and welfare concerns also affect national security: the institutions and organs that deal with these issues must also participate in this process.

Reviews of the security sector are periodically conducted by most countries to ensure that state institutions are able to effectively fulfil their role and responsibilities. The review, reform and development of the security sector are vital to strengthening institutions that can weather future crisis without external assistance and that will help Timor-Leste establish itself as a strong democracy, upholding the rule of law and promoting human rights.