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23:34:26, Tuesday, 25 Apr 2017

Serious Crimes Investigation Team

Welcome to Serious Crimes Investigation Team
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The Serious Crimes Investigation Team (SCIT) was created in accordance with paragraph 4 (i) of SC resolution 
1704 (2006) to assist the Office of the Prosecutor-General of Timor-Leste. The SCIT’s main function is to resume the investigative functions of the former Serious Crimes Unit (SCU) and to address the outstanding cases of serious human 
rights violations committed in the country in 1999.
The investigations in the 13 districts of Timor-Leste were resumed after 12 
February 2008, following the signature of the agreement between the United
 Nations and the Timorese authorities. SCIT is based in Dili and has 3 regional 
offices in Baucau, Maliana and Suai.
Apart from its investigative tasks the SCIT provides legal and forensic training for international and national agencies, particularly the National Police.
The SCIT mandate is different from the mandate of the SCU and is limited to investigation tasks. The prosecution of perpetrators lies exclusively in the 
hands of the Office of the Prosecutor-General of the Democratic Republic of 
Timor-Leste (OPG). Although part of the UN, the officers of the SCIT work under the direction and supervision of the OPG. 
Serious Crimes Investigation Team Newsletter is published every three months
Issue No. 7 ( February 2011)
Issue No. 6 ( May 2010)