Ceremony marks UNMIT’s formal arrangement for permanent police post

7 Jul 2008

Ceremony marks UNMIT’s formal arrangement for permanent police post

Dili: March 26, 2007-–A ceremony held today marked the inauguration of the Bairro Pite Police Post, formalising arrangements previously made between UNMIT and the Government to establish a permanent police presence in some of the most troubled areas of Dili.

To curb ongoing gang violence which flared up in late February, three police posts were established in the Comoro sub district. These locations include Kampung Merdeka, Fatuhada and Bairro Pite.

Today's inauguration marked the completion of UNMIT's renovation of the police post which includes the installation of new electrical wiring, generators and security lights, and essential carpentry and plumbing works.

Special Representative of the Secretary-General Atul Khare said that he is pleased that the police post is fully operational. "I hope that the physical presence of this police post will bring some peace of mind to the citizens who reside in this area knowing that a 24-hour police presence will be working to better serve their community," he said.

United Nations Resolution 1704 calls for, among other things, UNPol to restore and maintain public security through support and strengthening of PNTL which includes interim law enforcement, and to assist with security for the 2007 elections.

For additional information, please contact: Allison Cooper, Spokesperson at 723 0453