The search continues for a wanted man in Viqueque

7 Jul 2008

The search continues for a wanted man in Viqueque

June 6, 2007 – DILI: United Nations and Timorese police officers are continuing their search today for a PNTL officer who is accused of shooting a man in Viqueque on Sunday afternoon.

The incident occurred one hour after the completion of a National Congress for Reconstruction of Timor-Leste (CNRT) campaign rally in Viqueque town, when a man from the nearby town of Ossu was fatally shot in a marketplace.

The search for the accused officer is continuing by foot and air as it is believed that the man escaped into the mountains. The search is being lead by UNPol and supported by the International Stabilisation Forces (ISF).

Investigations into a second incident in which two people were shot during a disturbance at a road block in Ossu are also continuing. The incident resulted in one death. Ballistics testing is ongoing in relation to the two incidents.

Eric Tan, the deputy head of the UN Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) said that UNPol Police Commissioner Rodolfo Tor travelled to the on Monday to meet with the family of the victims as well as senior officers from both the PNTL and UNPol.

"It is important to note that Sunday's incidents involve only a few PNTL officers. We know who they are and we are currently searching for them. The majority of Timorese police officers across the country are working well and are participating in an ongoing process of reconstitution.

Officers in Ossu, Uatulari and Viqueque Town have been placed on desk duties until the investigations are concluded and UNPol is patrolling the area in the meantime," Mr Tan said today.

He added that a process of screening for PNTL officers has been completed in Dili. A total of 1200 officers underwent the process, and while 200 of those need further investigation, the remainder had undergone firearms recertification. To further ensure safe use of firearms, all firearms in the Dili district are issued to police units, rather than individuals, and are used by police officers only when on duty.

The same process will be extended to the remaining 12 districts in Timor-Leste.

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For more information please call UNMIT Spokesperson Allison Cooper on +670 7230453.