Successful Weapons’ Recovery Operation Concludes in Dili

5 Jul 2008

Successful Weapons’ Recovery Operation Concludes in Dili

Dili, 26 November 2007 - United Nations police officers working alongside their Timorese counterparts, and assisted by the International Security Forces (ISF) have completed a successful weapons recovery operation in the Dili district of Bairro Pite.

The district is a problematic area and often the site of fighting between gangs and recently, police and army officers have seen weapons being used during fights.

Acting upon intelligence, "Operation Weapons Sweep" began on Wednesday and concluded on Saturday. An assortment of weapons ranging from bows, arrows, machetes, sling shots, knives, spears and homemade guns were recovered.

Community officials also participated in the Operation by assisting police in searching homes. All houses were searched with the written authorization of their owners.

"Involving community officials in police work is essential for reducing the incidence of gang violence on Dili streets," said the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Timor-Leste, Mr Atul Khare.

"It sends a strong message to those indulging in the violence that it will not be tolerated by the community itself, or by law enforcement authorities, and collectively we will move to confiscate the weapons needed to execute violence," said Mr Khare.

For more information please call the UNMIT spokesperson Allison Cooper on +670 7230453 or Hipolito Gama on +670 7311839.