UN Support for the Parliamentary election

2 Jul 2012

UN Support for the Parliamentary election

1. What kind of support is the UN providing to the 2012 Parliamentary Election?


PNTL is responsible for ensuring security during the election. UNPOL is supporting PNTL to prepare for this role, both through training activities and the development of a joint national security operation plan. As with the Presidential Elections, UNPOL will support PNTL with operations, if requested and required.

Technical and legal advice

The UN is providing technical advice to the national electoral management bodies, Secretariado Tecnico de Administracao Eleitoral (STAE) and Comissao Nacional de Eleicoes (CNE). The main areas of support are: voter registration, operations, public information, information technology, civic and voter education, training, administration and management, electoral monitoring, and legal. The UN advised STAE and CNE on the drafting and revision of the electoral legal framework and subsidiary legislation.

Logistical support

As requested by the electoral management bodies, the UN is providing logistical support where necessary. The UN will use its helicopters to support the deployment and retrieval of sensitive electoral material, such as ballot papers and voter lists, in remote areas.

Political parties

The UN is supporting political parties through training and by hosting resource centres in five districts (Dili, Ainaro, Baucau, Bobonaro and Oecusse). At the resource centres, the political parties can access basic office facilities, information and meeting spaces.


The UN is supporting local NGOs in their efforts to increase women's participation in the electoral process. Support includes training potential candidates in public speaking, leadership, and addressing women's needs in communities.

Youth and first-time voters

The UN is encouraging peaceful participation by youth through outreach to first-time voters.

  • The UN currently has 166 electoral staff working for the 2012 elections. The UN staff work with STAE and CNE in all 13 districts. The staff breakdown is as follows: 21 international professional officers, 8 Timorese professional officers, 129 International United Nations Volunteers (UNVs), 1 Timorese UNV, 7 Timorese staff.
  • The number of UN electoral staff is significantly reduced from the 2007 national elections, when more than 600 election experts were employed by the UN.
3. How is the support organized?

UNMIT and different UN agencies, such as UNDP, UN Women and UNICEF, are providing support for the 2012 elections through an integrated "One UN" approach. All UN technical support is coordinated through the UN Electoral Support Team.
  • The UN is not conducting the elections.
  • The UN is not observing the elections.
  • The UN is not providing financial support to candidates and political parties.
  • The UN does not provide transportation for political parties or candidates.
  • Like in 2007, Timor-Leste's electoral management bodies (STAE and CNE) are organising the parliamentary elections for 2012. The UN stands ready to provide the support it can to the STAE and CNE.
  • In October 2010, the Government of Timor-Leste officially requested UN support for the 2012 presidential and parliamentary elections.
  • In February 2011, the Prime Minister requested that UNPOL participate alongside PNTL in the maintenance of public order in the country during the election period.
  • UNPOL will continue to stand ready to provide operational support to the PNTL, if it is required and requested during the election period.
  • The UN has supported extensive trainings to prepare PNTL officers on all aspects of the election including the legal framework and the electoral system.
  • The 2012 national elections will be a milestone in the advancement and consolidation of democracy in Timor-Leste and a key step in the strengthening of the democratic culture in the country.
  • Over 600,000 citizens have registered to vote.
  • The Parliamentary Election will take place on 7 July 2012.
  • STAE and CNE have led voter and civic education efforts targeting women, youth and first time voters, and vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities, elders, and prisoners.


Apoiu ONU nian ba Eleisaun Parlamentár


PNTL maka responsabiliza hodi asegura seguransa durante eleisaun. UNPOL maka apoia PNTL hodi prepara an ba papél ida-ne'e, tantu liuhosi atividade formasaun komu dezenvolvimentu planu nasionál konjuntu kona-ba operasaun seguransa. Hanesan halo ona iha Eleisaun Prezidensiál nian, UNPOL sei apoia PNTL ba operasaun sira, karik PNTL husu ka presiza.

Asesoria téknika no jurídika

ONU fornese daudaun asesoria téknika ba órgaun jestaun eleitorál nasionál, Sekretariadu Tékniku Administrasaun Eleitorál (STAE) no Komisaun Nasionál ba Eleisaun (CNE). Área prinsipál husi apoiu ne'e maka: resenseamentu, operasaun, informasaun públika, teknolojia informasaun, edukasaun sívika no edukasaun ba votante, formasaun, administrasaun no jestaun, monitorizasaun ba eleisaun, no asuntu jurídiku. ONU fó konsellu ba STAE no CNE kona-ba elaborasaun no revizaun ba kuadru legál eleisaun nian no lejizlasaun subsidiária.

Apoiu lojístika

Hanesan órgaun jestaun eleitorál sira husu ona, ONU fornese daudaun apoiu lojístika konforme nesesidade. ONU sei uza ninia elikópteru sira hodi fó apoiu ba distribuisaun no halibur fali materiál eleitorál ne'ebé sensivel, hanesan boletín de votu no lista votante, iha area remota sira.

Partidu polítiku sira

ONU fó hela apoiu ba partidu polítiku sira liuhosi formasaun no organiza sentru rekursu iha distritu lima (Dili, Ainaru, Baukau, Bobonaru no Oekusi). Iha sentru rekursu ne'e, partidu polítiku sira bele hetan asesu ba fasilidade bázika husi eskritóriu nian hanesan, informasaun no fatin reuniaun nian).

Feto sira

ONU fó daudaun apoiu ba ONG lokál sira ne'ebé esforsa an hodi aumenta feto-sira nia partisipasaun iha prosesu eleitorál. Apoiu ne'e inklui fó formasaun ba ema ne'ebé iha potensiál atu sai kandidata kona-ba oinsá ko'alia iha públiku nia oin, lideransa no rezolve feto-sira nia nesesidade iha komunidade sira.

Foin-sa'e no votante ba dahuluk nian

ONU fó sosializasaun hodi enkoraja foin-sa'e sira no ema ne'ebé sei vota ba dala uluk atu partisipa iha eleisaun ho maneira pasífika.
  • ONU fó ona apoiu ba eleisaun sira iha Timor-Leste hahú iha tinan 1999.
  • ONU adapta ninia apoiu bazeia ba oinsá Timor-Leste nia nesesidade evolui daudaun.
  • Agora daudaun pesoál ONU ne'ebé serbisu ba eleisaun hamutuk 166 ba eleisaun sira tinan iha 2012. Pesoál ONU sira serbisu hamutuk ho STAE no CNE iha distritu 13. Pesoál sira fahe ba grupu hanesan tuirmai: ofisial profisionál internasionál na'in-21, ofisial profisionál Timoroan na'in-8, Voluntáriu Nasoins Unidas Internasionál na'in-129 (UNV), Voluntáriu Nasoins Unidas Timoroan na'in-1, pesoál Timoroan na'in-7.
  • Númeru pesoál eleitorál ONU nian redús ho forma signifikativa husi eleisaun nasionál sira iha tinan 2007 nian, iha tempu ne'ebá ONU emprega kuaze peritu eleisaun nian hamutuk 600.
3. Oinsá organiza apoiu ne'e?

UNMIT no ajénsia ONU ida-idak, hanesan PNUD, UN Women no UNICEF, maka fó apoiu ba eleisaun sira iha tinan 2012 nian liuhosi abordajen integrada ida ho naran "One UN". ONU nia Ekipa Apoiu ba Eleisaun maka koordena apoiu tékniku ONU nian hotu.
  • Hanesan iha tinan 2007, Timor-Leste nia órgaun jestaun eleitorál sira (STAE no CNE) maka organiza eleisaun parlamentár ba tinan 2012 nian.
  • ONU prontu nafatin hodi fó apoiu ba STAE no CNE. Iha fulan Outubru tinan 2010, Governu Timor-Leste ofisialmente husu ONU nia apoiu ba eleisaun prezidensiál no parlamentár tinan 2012 nian.
  • Iha fulan Fevereiru tinan 2011, Primeiru Ministru husu ba UNPOL hodi partisipa hamutuk ho PNTL hodi mantein orden públika iha rai-laran durante períodu eleisaun.
  • UNPOL sei prontu nafatin hodi fó apoiu operasionál ba PNTL, karik presiza no iha pedidu durante períodu eleisaun.
  • ONU apoia ona formasaun luan hodi prepara membru PNTL sira kona-ba eleisaun nia aspetu hotu-hotu inklui kuadru legál no sistema eleitorál.
  • Eleisaun nasionál ba tinan 2012 sei sai hanesan akontesimentu importante ida hodi avansa no konsolida demokrasia iha Timor-Leste no pasu importante ida hodi hametin kultura demokrasia iha rai-laran.
  • Sidadaun hamutuk 600.000 resin maka rejista ona atu vota.
  • Eleisaun Parlamentár sei hala'o iha loron 7 fulan Jullu tinan 2012.
  • STAE no CNE lidera ona esforsu atu fó edukasaun ba votante no edukasaun sívika ne'ebé foka ba feto-sira, foin-sa'e no ema ne'ebé vota ba dala uluk, no mos grupu vulneravel sira hanesan ema ho defisiénsia, ferik-katuas, no prizioneiru sira.