UNITED NATIONS: The Secretary-General, Message on human rights day 10 December 2010

9 Dec 2010

UNITED NATIONS: The Secretary-General, Message on human rights day 10 December 2010

UNITED NATIONS, 10 December 2010 -
Human rights are the foundation of freedom, peace, development and justice — and the heart of the work of the United Nations around the world.

Laws to protect and promote human rights are indispensable. But quite often, progress comes down to people, courageous women and men striving to protect their own rights and the rights of others, determined to make rights real in people's lives.

It is these human rights defenders to whom we dedicate this year's observance of Human Rights Day. Defenders are a diverse group. They might be part of a civil society organization, a journalist or even a lone citizen, spurred to action by abuses close to home. But they all share a commitment to expose wrongdoing, protect the most vulnerable and end impunity. They stand up, speak out — and today they tweet — in the name of freedom and human dignity.

Human rights defenders play a vital role in the fight against discrimination. They investigate violations and help victims gain justice and support. Far too often, their work entails tremendous risk. Defenders are harassed, stripped of their jobs and wrongfully imprisoned. In many countries, they are tortured, beaten and murdered.

Their friends and family members are also subjected to harassment and intimidation. Women human rights defenders face additional risks, and therefore need additional support.

This Human Rights Day is an occasion to salute the courage and achievements of human rights defenders everywhere — and to pledge to do more to safeguard their work.

States bear the primary responsibility to protect human rights advocates. I call on all States to ensure the freedom of expression and the freedom of assembly that make their work possible.

When the lives of human rights advocates are endangered, we are all less secure. When the voices of human rights advocates are silenced, justice itself is drowned out.

On this Human Rights Day, let us be inspired by those seeking to make our world more just. And let us remember that everyone — no matter their background, training or education —can be a human rights champion.

So let us use that power. Let us each be a human rights defender.



10 Dezembru 2010

NASOINS UNIDAS, 10 December 2010 - Direitus Umanus nu'udar fundamentu ba liberdade, pás, dezenvolvimentu no justisa — no Nasoins Unidas ninia serbisu prinsipál iha mundu tomak.

Lei sira ne'ebé proteje no promove direitus umanus sai indispensavel. Maibé dala-barak progresu depende ba povu, feto no mane sira maka aten-brani luta hodi proteje sira-nia direitu rasik no direitu ema seluk nian, ho determinasaun atu garante katak povu bele realiza direitu iha sira-nia moris.

Ami dedika Loron Direitus Umanus nian iha tinan ne'e ba ema sira ne'ebé defende direitus umanus. Defensór sira nu'udar grupu diversu ida. Sira bele sai parte husi organizasaun ida iha sosiedade sivíl, jornalista ida ka sidadaun solitáriu ida, ne'ebé hetan korajen atu foti asaun tanba abuzu ne'ebé sira haree. Maibé sira hotu kompartilla kompromisu ida hodi divulga infrasaun, proteje ema ne'ebé sai vulneravel liu no atu hapara impunidade. Sira hamriik, ko'alia sai — no ohin loron sira ko'alia iha internet — hodi liberdade no dignidade umanu nia naran.

Defensór direitus umanus sira atua papél vitál ida ba luta kontra diskriminasaun. Sira investiga violasaun no tulun vítima sira hodi atinje justisa no apoiu. Dala-barak, sira-nia serbisu nakonu ho risku ne'ebé boot tebe-tebes. Defensór sira hasoru asédiu, lakon serbisu no hetan kastigu iha prizaun lahó razaun. Iha país barak, sira hetan tortura, baku no oho.

Sira-nia maluk no membru família sira mós sai vítima asédiu no intimidasaun.
Feto sira ne'ebé defende direitus umanus enfrenta risku adisionál, ho nune'e sira presiza mós apoiu adisionál.

Loron Direitus Umanus ne'e nu'udar okaziaun ida hodi hahi'i korajen no susesu sira husi defensór direitus umanus sira iha fatin hotu-hotu — no promete atu halo tan hodi proteje sira-nia serbisu.

Estadu sira iha responsabilidade prinsipál hodi proteje defensór direitus umanus. Ha'u husu ba Estadu hotu-hotu atu asegura liberdade ba espresaun no liberdade ba reuniaun hodi permite sira hala'o sira-nia serbisu.

Bainhira iha ameasa ba sira ne'ebé defende direitus umanus, ita hotu sei ladún seguru. Bainhira la rona defensór direitus umanus sira-nia lian, justisa mós sei mout no lakon rasik.

Iha Loron Direitus Umanus ne'e, mai ita hetan inspirasaun husi sira-ne'ebé buka halo ita-nia mundu sai justu liután. No mai ita hanoin katak ema hotu-hotu — la haree ba sira-nia antesedénsia, formasaun ka edukasaun — bele sai kampeaun ba direitus umanus.

Tan-ne'e mai ita uza podér ne'e. Mai ita ida-idak sai defensór ida ba direitus umanus.