UNMIT’s road safety awareness campaign continues

7 Jul 2008

UNMIT’s road safety awareness campaign continues

As part of an ongoing road safety awareness campaign, UNPol has moved to remind people about the rules regarding appropriate documentation when driving vehicles anywhere in Timor Leste.

In accordance with the applicable laws vehicle drivers should have a driver's license, a valid identification card and an insurance certificate. The driver must also be in possession of a vehicle registration card and a vehicle identification card, which proves that there has been periodic inspections of the vehicle.

Drivers not in possession of the appropriate documentation risk a series of penalties ranging from warnings to disqualification, which may include confiscation of vehicles.

The Code also applies to all government-owned vehicles and appropriate actions will be taken.

UNMIT is mandated through Resolution 1704 to "ensure, through the presence of United Nations police, the restoration and maintenance of public security in Timor-Leste through the provision of support to the Timorese national police (PNTL) ... which includes interim law enforcement and public security until PNTL is reconstituted..."

Statement attributable to UNMIT Spokesperson Allison Cooper. For more information please call +670 7230453.