UNPOL steps up its security efforts in Dili

7 Jul 2008

UNPOL steps up its security efforts in Dili

9 November 2006, Dili--- United Nations Police has stepped up patrols in Dili's local communities. Dili residents should notice the heightened number of police patrols, as UNPOL puts a significant number of new vehicles into service.

"We understand that what is important right now is people's security," Acting head of mission Finn Reske-Nielsen said, "And, by visibly increasing our on-the-ground presence around troubled areas, we expect to shift perceptions so that those who intend to break the law think twice. Conversely, law-abiding citizens should feel more secure in their own communities knowing that police are observing and ready to respond to individuals or groups that might upset communal security."

The significant increase in vehicles, allows a corresponding significant increase in the number of patrols deployed per day, UNPol's Dili District Commander Graem Cairns said. "This will help us keep a lid on trouble in the community and reassure the residents of their safety. Up until now, we've been capable of reacting to incidents. Greater mobility will allows us to do a more complete job and have a more effective community-based approach."

Now approximately 50 patrols are operating around the clock in Dili, up from less than 30 (though the number of vehicles patrols varies from shift to shift).

The number of UNPol officers has increased to almost 1,000. At full strength, UNPol will have 1, 608 police officers on the ground in Timor-Leste.

For additional information, please contact: Donna Cusumano, Spokesperson at +670 723 0749