Statement from UNMIT on incident at the Airport IDP Camp

9 Jul 2008

Statement from UNMIT on incident at the Airport IDP Camp

23rd February, 2007 - UNPol is investigating this morning's incident in which a Timorese national was fatally injured, and two others were injured, at an internally displaced persons' camp near the Dili airport.

UNPol advises the area is secure after officers from the Malaysian, Pakistani and Portuguese Formed Police Units were immediately deployed to the area.

According to a public statement released this morning by the International Security Forces, the ISF responded to a disturbance at the Airport IDP camp and during that incident an ISF soldier was attacked and defended himself by shooting the attacker, resulting in the death of one Timorese national.

The ISF also stated it will fully cooperate with the UNPol authorities in investigating the incident. It will also conduct and internal investigation.

The Special Representative of the Secretary General Atul Khare has moved to reassure the people of Dili that the security situation at the IDP camp is under control. He thanked the people of Timor Leste for having maintained peace in Dili over the past 36 hours.

SRSG Khare urged people to remain calm and to cooperate with UNPol and PNTL officers and ISF soldiers who are working to provide security across Dili.


For additional information, please contact: Allison Cooper, Spokesperson at +670 723 0453