Statement from SRSG on Violence in Dili

9 Jul 2008

Statement from SRSG on Violence in Dili


21ST February, 2007 Dili -

I am aware that over the past two weeks there has been an increase in violent incidents in Dili.

This is presenting challenges for the people of Dili as violence is interrupting their daily life. I believe that the people of Timor Leste deserve better.

I, along with the Minister of the Interior Alcino Barris visited the residents of Kampung Baru early yesterday morning.

In the early hours of this morning between 1.30 and 2.30 I visited the three main hotspots: Kampung Baru, Bairro Pite, and Fatuhada.

UNPol along with the International Security Forces have increased security on the streets of Dili over the past 24 hours. UNPol has reassigned police officers from administrative duties to street duties and are providing increased security measures in the troubled areas.

The ISF has increased its personnel on the streets during the day and evenings.

Several UNPol vehicles have been damaged in these operations. Seven UNPol officers have also been injured today in the cause of maintaining law and order in Timor Leste.

Yesterday UNPol arrested 79 offenders and today more people have been arrested. UNPol will continue to take strong actions against all those who indulge in violence or otherwise act contrary to the applicable laws of Timor Leste.

I would sincerely appeal to the people of Timor Leste, and particularly the residents of Dili, to give your support to the UNPol officers, PNTL Officers and the International Security Forces who are working hard to improve and stablise the situation.

For additional information, please contact: Allison Cooper, Spokesperson at +670 723 0453